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A-08-13, Pinnacle PJ Office,
Jalan Utara C 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor



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The OMNI Marketing Solution Consulting Firm. The OMNI Marketing Solution Consulting Firm.


YM works as the strategy advisor or strategy outsourced marketing partner for SMEs, and as an extension to a corporate marketing department. We focus on the big picture or blueprint direction. From market audits, competitor research, restructure marketing plan to a communication execution plan, YM takes each necessary step to supply your business with a marketing strategy that delivers results and drives business growth. We understand what motivates consumers and how to implement specific strategies for marketing ROI. We always believe that aligning your marketing efforts with sales, operations, and overall business performance is the sustainable way to achieve your business goals.

The Mission .

``Realize the FULL Potential``
to help our clients achieve sustainable business growth with strategic vision by aligning marketing achievements with outstanding people in the organization

The Vision .

To be the ASEAN 10+1 leading AI enabled strategy marketing consulting group

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