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The Problems.

Without marketing mental strategies, you are unable to succeed in the market survival

8 Business Challenges

that can destroy your business

--- marketing perspective ---

Brand Image
  • Facing corporate brand image crisis
  • Facing personal brand image crisis
Brand Positioning
  • Failed to achieve the objective and brand positioning even spending heftily on marketing budget
  • There is a specific message that a business/brand wants to convey to market
Efficiency Execution Team
  • Need campaign agency access/execute to the business expansive reach, diverse know-how and data insights.
Suffer on Existing Business Model
  • Looking to advance the development of the business rapidly with asset-light model
  • Marketing your business offline only, have no complete idea & direction to migrate / expand your business to online module
  • Which marketing channels are best for SMEs
  • In a competitive market, having trouble to escape from the red ocean vicious cycle
Execution Bottlenecks
  • Facing execution bottlenecks to communicate the vision, mission & ultimate goal to the team
  • Lack of internal team to execute the plan for the company’s direction
Strategy to Expand Business Territory & Client Base
  • Needs expert know-how on how to expand a client base
  • Re-invigorate the passion of existing clients
Skillset/toolset applying
  • Facing difficulty to apply the learned skills or tools to the execution team
Lack of Experience Marketing Expert
  • Lack of experienced marketing team or manpower in the organization

The Solutions.

Focused on helping our clients to boost and improve the performance of their business.

OMNI Customer Journey.

Customer experience journey maps provide a detailed view of the end-to-end customer experience, providing a visual guide to identify gaps and find where new value can be created

YM help our clients to connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on any channel, while also improving employee experiences. YM provide true personalization, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty.

OMNI Consultancy Solutions.

YM directed from the point of view of clients and businesses, processes and objectives, enables us to offer innovative solutions as a strategic and marketing partner. We can help clients to define effective strategic models to achieve these challenges through our OMNI consulting services, whether in sales, marketing & omni-channel

This solution will work directly with company marketers and C-suite executives to review existing business models and any potential risks associated with future scenarios.

Offshore Marketing.

YM source highly qualified and skilled marketing team members at very competitive rates to serve our clients. Our team members are able to deliver exceptional marketing services to your business.

YM scaling and growing your marketing exposure with a smart way of resources optimization.

It is the current definition of contemporary and industry-driven solution which is going to lead your company towards the vastly increased client base and consequential revenues, dramatically reduced risk and expenses.

OMNI Campaign Strategy

Campaigns connect with consumers, YM are committed to ensuring that your target audience receives the information you need them to know.

Whether you want to use the latest technology or need a traditional promotional campaign, YM can bring your brand to the targeted crowd.

OMNI Marketing Solutions.


OMNI Personal Development Journey


New Startup OMNI Consultancy Solutions.


“China GoaBroard” OMNI Consultancy Solutions.


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